8 Benefits of Drinking Through a Straw

There are many benefits of drinking through a straw, health and usage, and we’ve listed our favourite EIGHT below. It’s no coincidence that we also offer a straw cap with our stainless steel water bottles. For moms like me, this is icing on the stainless steel cake.

#1 Fun: For kids and adults, drinking through a straw makes the experience more of a treat.

#2 Easy to Use: Straw are easy to use and kids as young as 12 months can figure out how to drink through a straw.

#3 Drink More Water: Most people have a tendency to drink  faster and more water through a straw. This makes it easier to have the recommended 8 glasses a day – good hydration helps with metabolism, prevents headaches and water retention, eases joint pains and reduces appearance of winkles.

#4 Reduction of Tooth Decay:  Drinking sodas and juices, which have acidic content, can erode enamel. Drinking these types of beverages through a straw allows your teeth to have less contact with the beverage, reducing tooth decay and risks of cavities.

#5 Life Savers: Straws work wonders for those who are recovering from accidents, illnesses and surgeries that makes it difficult to sip from a glass (i.e. jaws are wired shut).

#6 Increase Awareness: Drinking through a straw makes kids automatically breathe deeper resulting in more muscle activity which in turn leads to more awareness of posture, movement and attention.

#7 Reduce Choking Risk: Drinking through a straw makes swallowing much easier as most people tend to gulp when sipping through glasses which increases of liquids going down the wrong tube.

#8 Mandatory Accessory: What would we do with our milkshakes and smoothies without a straw? It would just not be the same!

Most straws are the single-use disposable type and often end up in landfills, and that’s why our caps have reusable straws which can be recycled at the end of it’s life (or until your child chews it to bits).