Creative Ways to Save Water – which will you try today?

There are many ways to save water…. brush you teeth with a cup of water and don’t leave the tap running, use water efficient appliances and shower heads, hand wash dishes, run your dishwasher full and the like. Everyone has heard something similar. I went in search of finding something more unique and creative, new that I could try. Here’s what I’ve come across for conserving water, in no particular order:

  • Instead of drinking water from a glass as we usually go through a few glasses and not all the water in them are consumed, use a reusable container that you can take with you and refill as needed. This also save you from washing too many glasses.
  • Don’t dump out ice cubes in the sink, give them to your house plants
  • Use a bucket to collect cold water water while you’re waiting for it to warm up – water your plants with it
  • Use 2 buckets, one for cold and one for hot, for your shower – it’s about 16 litres compared to 60 litres for a lo-flow 5 minute shower
  • Place a bag of pebbles, or brick, in the top part of your toilet (where the clean water is) to displace water so you’re using less water per flush
  • Keep a container or bucket under the sink to collect gray water (water from boiling pasta and washing veggies) and use for your garden
  • Use the water to steam, boil or cook veggies for stock instead of dumping it out – it’s healthy too
  • Pick plants that require less watering in the summer for your garden
  • Buy and use powder detergents. Liquid detergents have lots of water as a filler and you don’t need it. When you wash your clothes, there’s water involved already. Save money while you’re at it.
  • When doing laundry, use the extra spin or high spin cycle – this reduces the time you use to dry your clothes by at least 30% (works super well for thick cloth diapers)

Share with us your best water conservation idea. I’m always interested in trying something new  Thanks in advance.