Not All Water Bottles are Made the Same

I’m often asked what makes Fill Your Own water bottles so unique. Well, it’s for a number of reasons mostly summed up by saying that not all water bottles are made the same.

Firstly, we use quality materials such as 18/8 stainless steel, high food grade #304. Some bottles are made from aluminum and require an interior coating because there’s been some research that links the early onset of Alzheimer to aluminum (that’s why there’s a thin coating inside your canned soup now). Other bottles are made from lower quality stainless steel like 18/0 or grade #201 which is more pronged to rusting – it’s like buy Dollar store cutlery which rusts after 2 washes and buying a set of Oneida flatware. You’re paying for what you get.

Though our bottles are made by ISO certified factories, we independently test our bottles and caps for heavy metals, leaching, BPA and phthalates using laboratories in Canada. We exceed all guidelines set by Health Canada.

Our openings are larger to allow for normal size ice cubes and to fit in a cleaning brush. That’s not to mention being able to pour juices, smoothies and other liquids into the bottle more easily.

And of course, our caps are the finishing touch. We offer various types of caps depending on your preference and usage – they are all interchangeable. Our straw cap is by far the most popular as it has a spring-loaded flip top that pops open when the little white button is pushed. All the pieces comes apart and can be washed as well as replaced. My kid tends to eat, chew and drop her caps so replacements are a must for moms like me. It’s also a more economical option to replace the part or cap than it is to buy a whole new bottle set because you can’t buy the cap you lost or broke. We also offer the standard sport spout and twist cap with carabineer. We’ve recently added a drinking spout which works like an open bottle but with a dust cover. Great for guzzlers!

We’ve made our bottles to be healthy, safe, functional, practical and fun by featuring designs by Canadian artists. All our designs and graphics used vegetable inks and non-toxic. Our unique designs are what makes our consumers love our products. Why carry something you don’t enjoy looking at…? There’s a distinguishing factor!