Top 10 eco-Holiday Ideas

Thanks to everyone for sharing their eco-holiday practices with us. There were so many great ideas and stories, but our judges were able to pick their favourite based on creativity, eco-sensibility and practicality.

The WINNER of our eco-holiday practice contest and $200 worth of GREEN stocking stuffers is: Deanna whose family celebrates Christmas with home baked goods, handmade gifts, live Christmas trees, and the fact that they’ve been doing it for years is absolutely wonderful. Here’s our judges comments:

“I like how her entry has practical tips that work for her family and how it has evolved over the years. Her methods of gift giving: baking, sewing, making things herself, and donating to charity are all great ways that we can contribute to leafing a greener lifestyle.”

“I feel that Deanna provided the best comments because of her creativity (love the children’s costume idea, the bread/jam combo and the use of sentimental gifts), her eco-sensibility (reduced consumption and use of a live tree) and her practicality overall.”


  1. Handmade presents and gifts – whether it’s baking, sewing, knitting, paper/felt ornaments & decorations or soap making, it’s a great way to reduce, reuse, recycle and refuse to go commercial.
  2. Donations to charity – instead of giving gifts to family, why not donate presents to those in need in the spirit of Christmas.
  3. Give blood – giving blood means you’re saving someone’s life, it’s the best gift ever!
  4. Live Christmas trees – growing your own Christmas tree and keeping it alive for years is not only green but also carbon positive!
  5. Reusable gift wraps– putting gifts into reusable items like foldable shopping bags to wrap gifts means you’re getting two gifts in one and you can reuse the wrapping, or using a water bottle to hold socks.
  6. Reusing gift wraps – the use of a cloth gift bag or reusing previous gift bags/paper are a wonderful idea, waste not.
  7. Newsprint as gift wraps – the funnies section of newpapers are a favourite for gift wrap.
  8. Buy practical gifts – every day items that the person needs like cloth diapers for a baby, a mug for your sister, a biking helmet for your daughter or books.
  9. Buy local – support local artisans and lower your carbon footprint.
  10. Re-gift exchange – your trash is someone’s treasure so why not exchange things you already have and are not using.